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Why Do Babies Cry

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Why babies cry.
 Babies cry to communicate that they have a need or that something is wrong.  Sometimes it is easy to spot the need and sometimes it takes a few tries to figure it out.  Parents should not worry too much because you WILL figure it out and even though instructions do not come with baby rearing, here are some tips.
v  Dirty Diaper
Sometimes you can usually tell by the smell that your baby needs a change and sometimes it may not be so noticeable.  Check around the edges of the diaper to see if there is wetness evident.
v  Hungry
Your baby may get fussy or if you are breast feeding, and holding the baby, it may turn his/her head towards you breast area. Another clue is your baby puts his/her fist in his mouth.
v  Tired
If you baby is tired if he/she may get fussy.

v  Colic or Gas
If your baby cries after feeding it most likely is gas. The first method to try is burping your baby. However, if the crying is inconsolable and lasts more than 3 hours then it can be a sign of colic. The Juju Band helps to relieve these symptoms.
v  Too Hot or Too Cold
Babies like warmth but if a baby gets too warm, they may cry. Signs of redness in the cheeks or wet hair may also be an indication that a baby is overheated. On the hand, if a baby is cold, they may also let you know by fussing. Cold wipes on the bottom during a change can also be an issue for your baby.
v  Baby Wants To Cuddle

Babies like to see their parent’s faces, hear their voices and listen to their heartbeats.  Crying can be an indication that they want to be held. Wearing a sling can be a great way to keep your baby close while doing household chores or errands.
v  Teething
When teeth push through young tender gums it can cause pain.  Teeth can start to push through about 4 to 7 months of age. However, it can occur earlier. Try running your finger over the gums, if you feel a bump then it is a tooth. A cold wet wash cloth will give your baby some relief. Simply wet the cloth and put it in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes. Have your baby suck on the frozen cloth while you hold the end so that your baby has relief.
v  Not Feeling Well.
When your baby is hurt or sick he/she may have a different cry.  Take your baby’s temperature with a temple thermometer because it is the easiest but any thermometer will do.  A fever over 100.4  degrees is serious in babies under 3 months of age, 3 to 6 months, 101 degrees and 103 degrees from 6 months on up.
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