Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Truths “Must Have” Mobile App For New Parents

  Apps are not a very interesting topic to most new parent. After all, there are more important things to think about but Baby Truths IS the “must have” app that every new parent needs. It is a one stop solution to get and organize the important baby information that you need as well as addressing your social interaction calendar.
 Most moms do not have the time to find social groups but Baby Truths helps break the isolation that many moms feel with the social functions that are available through the app. I wish I would have had this when I had my child.  I spent hours looking for things to do and ways to get out with other new parents.
 Baby Truths App Assets
·       Developmental milestones information
·       Health and wellness information
·       Keep track of vaccinations
·       Organize growth information
·       Find fun activities in your area
·        Interact with parenting social media groups
 Instead of wasting time hunting for all of this information, why not just download the app and let Baby Truths do the work?  Click here for more information
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Remedies For Colic

 There are many ways to treat baby colic and finding the cause of your baby’s discomfort can tricky but here are some tips.

For breast-fed babies, changing your habits can sometimes help. Spicy foods, dairy, cabbage, caffeine, eggs and nuts can also cause colic issues. Also, over feeding your baby can cause gas and discomfort so make sure that you feed your baby a little at a time at intervals of 2 to 2 ½ hours apart.

For bottle-fed babies, try changing formula and make sure that the bottle nipple has a smaller hole so that there is less air swallowed when your baby is fed. Sitting your baby up while feeding also helps as well as burping your baby to release gas.

Be careful of remedies containing antihistamines, probiotics, and simethicone. Even though many people recommend rocking, it can cause motion sickness.
Herbal remedies such as gripe water chamomile and fennel seed may or may not help.

Lastly, heated external herbal tummy packs that are commonly used by placing heated herb packs on the tummy and then wrapped, may be too heavy and the warmth can cause irritation to your baby’s skin. It is preferable to use a simple band such as the Juju Band without weight to help ease you baby’s bloating.

 Always consult your pediatrician on all matters concerning your baby’s health.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Newborn Needs

  These items simply make life easier when baby arrives.

 Co-Sleepers – Beside co-sleepers protect both mom and baby from the likelihood of rolling over on the baby when you put newborn in bed. There is less running from room to room to pick the baby up.

Newborn Diapers – This is more important than most parents suspect.  The newborn diaper is designed to fit below the umbilical cord creating less rubbing and irritation for the baby.

Nursing Pillow - Make life a little easier on the arms and back by propping up your baby up while nursing. I personally like the wedge because it allows the baby to be at an angel. I found this type of pillow easiest for me. It is easy to find in medical stores or other mass retail stores in the medical section and that makes it my favorite.

 Nursing Gown – Nursing gowns are designed for easy access to the breast so feeding time is a breeze.   Simply pull the fabric aside when baby wants to nurse. Many come with nursing pads for added convenience and comfort.

Juju Band Navel and Colic Band - The Juju Band Baby Band helps with the oozing of the newborn navel as it heals and protects from the constant rubbing of diapers to help reduce the likelihood of irritation and infection.  The band also helps with gas that is associated with colic.

Baby Sling - Babies just want to be close to you but every day details can take you away from the baby. A baby sling is the perfect solution for those moments. Both baby and mom love snuggling and this is the perfect solution.

 White Noise – Newborn babies need a lot of sleep.  Studies have shown that babies that listen to white noise sleep an average of one hour longer.

Temperature Duck - Anything ducky is for me!  This temperature duck saves both parents and baby from burning themselves when testing heated items such as bath, spa and washcloths.

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